His Story of My World Vol. 1: 2006-2008

An abstraction depiction of
my childhood experience
in Bangladesh.

In this animated short, I depict the emotional states, through the lens of me as a child, navigating in an unfamiliar world.


After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Reaper

How does one abstractly depict the emotion felt from distant memories?

Creating a composition that juxtaposes a dynamically shifting environment affected by natural disasters coming from both sides with a still character, while the enviornment’s changing (use better word) color pallete reflects the characters mood.

The playfullness of the scene represents the innocence of childhood.

The grass from childhood stays with the character as a reminder of the life he once lived.

The world continues to deterioate while the character is locked inside this location.

                 As a last ditch effort, the character explodes to burn the confines of this jail.



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