Shipon Eunus
motion graphics designer
based in NYC

His Story of My World Vol. 1: 2006-2008 

Motion Graphics, Storytelling, Audio Editing

A symbolic depiction of a formative experience in Bangladesh.

In this animated short, I depict the emotional states, through the lens of me as a child navigating an unfamiliar world.

In the first scene, the character is jumping with joy on a trampoline while the world is playfully moving around. Suddenly the character finds himself stuck in a barren wasteland forced to endure a continuous stream of disasters. Struggling to keep the green grass, symbolic of the hope of returning to the life he once lived, from disappearing, the character resorts to desperate measures to escape the prison he found himself locked in.

After Effects

Design Board


How to communicate experiences and
emotions from distant memories?


By creating a composition that juxtaposes a dynamically shifting environment with a still character and using symbolic imagery, viewers can relate to the character’s emotions without directly knowing the experiences.

Initial Storyboard