Shipon Eunus
motion graphics designer
based in NYC

Being born to Bengali Immigrants, raised in NYC, specifically East Harlem and the South Bronx, and even in the villages of Bangladesh, from ages 6 to 9, Shipon was exposed to a wide range of experiences that inform his eclectic approach to design.

His hobbies of watching runway shows, attending hip-hop concerts, and looking at artwork on WikiArt led him to becoming fascinated with all things related to creativity, especially visual storytelling. His need to learn to create content he was consuming led him to NYU’s Integrated Design & Media and Digital Art & Design programs. It’s at these programs that he learned and honed his design thinking and digital creation skills to be able to express his ideas.

His design style is ever-evolving, reflective of every new experience and the resulting growth in his perspective. Shipon hopes to find like minded creatives who aim to create meaningful and captivating content that’s in service to others.