NYC-based creative,
    motion media designer,
                digital artist

As a first-generation American with Bangladeshi roots, Muslim-American, & native New Yorker, I grew up surrounded by a multicultural kaleidoscope of tastes & ideas that have sparked my creative impulse.

My ability to empathize, see the world from the standpoint of a creative/designer/artist & consumer, & find unexpected connections between ideas from different disciplines gives me a fresh & nuanced perspective that I bring to everything I do.

Studying Integrated Design & Media + Digital Art @ NYU provided me with a strong foundation in creative software, audio-visual equipment, design principles, & the design thinking process. Now pursuing my MFA @ Savannah College of Art & Design, I'm exploring new creative frontiers in motion media design.

As a motion designer, I've honed my ability to dissect intricate subjects and reconstruct them through image-making and visual storytelling. My ultimate goal in my work is to shed light on the depths of the human experience.

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